September 2019

Monthly Selections september 2019

September 2019



The Garden Left Behind by Flavio Alves

Ek Aasha by Mayur Katariya

Days of the Whale by Catalina Arroyave Restrepo



We Are the Radical Monarchs by Linda Goldstein Knowlton

Human Nature by Adam Bolt

Leave the Bus Through the Broken Window by Andrew Hevia

In the light of Bergman – A life on Fårö by David Hodge & Hi-Jin Hodge

Dance of life by Peyman Zandi

New York Scherzo by Shaan Couture



Atone by Shane Brar

Sunflower Fields by Freia Titland

Drear by Nils Helling

Abstraction by Anthony Raus

Blue Funk by Ashutosh Jha

Capo di Famiglia by Annemarie Libbers

The Dame, The Diplomat, & The Detective by Drew Hunt

Invaders by Marta Jimenez

The Lightsaber Maker by Jeremy Brown

The Man From Another Dimension by Wes Whittaker

Hallowed (Mistigri) by Fabrice Chiambretto

Safekeeping by David Yorke

Rocket Boy by Simon Sorted

Rooh by Ojaswwee Sharma

The Uncanny Valley by Ian Vardy

Stolen by Ian Vardy

Stari Grad (Old Town) by Jack Beck

100 Rubles for a dream by Ivan Artemov

Double Date by Vania Smrkovski

Mysteries of the Wild by Rui Veiga

Tag, You’re It by Corey Donaldson

Hunger by Samuel Nam

The Incident by Meedo Taha

Stepdaddy by Lisa Steen

Reanimation by Krista Creighton

Birthplace by Sil Van Der Woerd

Indomitable by Linda Sanders

Back Page Ripper by Stephen Rutterford

Life! by Ramesh Jai

The Visit by Romina Schwedler

Funk Force – 2018 by Desmond Levi Jackson

Fun! by Dylan Simel

Husband Approved by Max Gleiser

Memory Box by Karl Shefelman

Limits by Aitor Mendilibar

Aaron by Aviva Neuman

Askin’ For It by Kerry Gamberg

The Lightkeeper by Zach Bandler

Window to the world by Martijn Schinkel

Ecce Homo by Santiago Hernández Tocarruncho

Ladylike by Tel Benjamin

Sea at Night by Kim Fabienne Hertinger

Mr Franco by Vincenzo Palazzo

Divided by Lance J. Reha



Ratio between two volumes by Catarina Sobral

Anacronte by Raúl Koler

The Fox by Sadegh Javadi Nikjeh

Finger-licking Good by Adrian Schichta



Courage – Journalism is not a crime by Tom Heinemann

Paco Méndez, a life in the ring by José David Díaz

Books are my Weapon by Alice Obar

Lowland Kids Sandra Winther

Shine by Rhett Bradbury

Indomitable by Linda Sanders

Look before I leap by Jaimey Groot

Bullied by Frankie C

The Selfie Project by Barbara Holstein



Polar Opposites by Diana Wey

Blue Rose by Riley Maguire

La Jungle by Victor Ohmer

Father of Akka by Katja Tauber

Moving On by Darren Summersby

Paris you got me by Julie Boehm

Tone Death by Sinead Stoddart



Man And The Sea by Patrick Müller

Of Origins, Part 1: Hannah by Irit Reinheimer

No Shit Show by Solomon Burbridge & Joshua Cox & Nathalie Cusson

A Home History by Tomaso Aramini

Nostalgia for Existing Without Delay by Slawomir Milewski

Protozigmatu by Stephen Rutterford

Gun by Johannes Horak

Entropy by Hüseyin Urçuk

The Field by Holly Wilder

Haunt by Deborah Slater

But First… by Erin Brown Thomas

Skies Calling Skies Falling by David Hodge & Hi-jin Kang Hodge



Bella by Miguel Furnier

Cut Off by Ryan Cauchi



Clash of Giants by Nin Brudermann

True Love Waits by Adi Halfin

Walk Away by Geoffrey Cowper