We are pleased to accept a wide range of creative works, including:

Short and feature films: which can be narrative (fiction), documentary (non-fiction), experimental, or animated in nature.
Music Videos: a form of art that combines the visual power of cinema with the magic of music to create an engaging experience for viewers.
Web/TV Series: we accept both individual episodes and entire series.
Every form of art has the potential to inspire, entertain, and provoke thought in the audience, and we are excited to welcome a diverse range of works that reflect the diversity and creativity of the film and audiovisual industry.

Use of Film Material:

You explicitly agree to the use of parts of your film, including the trailer, teaser, film poster, and stills, for promotional purposes.
Entry Fees:

The entry fees paid to submit your film are non-refundable once registration is completed.

Multiple Submissions:

Each filmmaker is allowed to submit multiple works, and each work can be entered into multiple categories if deemed appropriate.

Number of Submissions:

There are no restrictions on how many times you can submit your work. If desired, you may submit it multiple times to increase the chances of selection.
Composition of the Judging Team:

The judging team is carefully selected from directors, film professionals, critics, intellectuals, authors, and experts in the film industry. Each film will be evaluated by an equal number of judging team members to ensure a fair and objective evaluation process.

Decisions of the Jury:

The evaluations and decisions of the jury members are considered indisputable and final. Once made, they cannot be contested or modified.

Language of Films:

It is mandatory for submitted films to include English, either through subtitles or with original dialogue in the English language. This ensures global understanding and facilitates the evaluation process by the judges.


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