Ganadores Enero-Abril 2020

Ganadores Enero-Abril 2020


The Cotton Wool War by Cláudio Marques, Marília Hughes

Dora, 14, will spend her vacation with her grandmother for the first time. Maria, 70, lives in an old and beautiful house in the Historic Center of Salvador. Dora needs to learn to admire her grandmother that was before a stranger to her.


Thank You for Supporting the Arts by Carolann Stoney, W. Alexander Jones

Viva Las Vegas is a preacher, just like her Lutheran minister father. Unlike her father, Viva preaches, “Thank you for supporting the arts,” to people who throw bills on stage while she dances naked in a dark Portland strip club. The writer, singer, scholar, and stripper has been a leader for women in a lifelong battle against cultural expectations. Viva celebrates the female form, advocates for the empowerment of all women, and commands respect for women whose careers depend on their bodies. A shocking breast cancer diagnosis and double mastectomy did not dampen her missionary zeal, and Viva continues to dance, scars and all, reminding the rest of us that art is everywhere and art is everything.


Fatherland by George Sikharulidze

Gori, Republic of Georgia, 2016: on the 63rd anniversary of Stalin’s death, his worshipers gather outside of his birthplace to demand his canonization as a saint when out of nowhere Stalin himself returns from the dead.


Metamorphosis by Nina Hölzl

Metamorphosis is an episodic journey into the past and present of one of the fastest changing areas in Manhattan – the Meatpacking District. Through the eyes of six long-term witnesses we discover the dark and dirty secrets of this now so-polished neighborhood.


Opinci (My Father’s Shoes) by Anton Groves, Damian Groves

A film based on a true story about a record breaking globetrotter and widowed father, who uses his extraordinary past to teach his young daughter lessons about life.


Girls Grow Up Drawing Horses by Joanie Wind

Girls Grow Up Drawing Horses is a part experimental film, part painting, and part documentary exploring women’s roles in heteronormative relationships through a reflection on the life of the filmmaker’s grandmother.


Passage of Silt and Shell by James J Macdonald

The film gives us a look into the lives, routines and techniques of local oystermen surrounding New York City, and observes how our relationship to the oyster has become both a cultural and environmental force – from oyster farm to plate.


Liquid Voices – The story of Mathilda Segalescu by Jocy de Oliveira

The cinematic opera Liquid Voices – The story of Mathilda Segalescu tells a fictional narrative set in a factual event creating a fantastic reality.
A singular story about the fictional character – Mathilda Segalescu , famous Jewish singer and her piano, embarking as a refugee on the tragic sea voyage of Struma from Romania to
Palestine in 1941. The only survivor of this wrecked ship was her piano found years later by an Arab fisherman in the cost of Siles, Turkey. As a black box, the piano and his ghosts carry the tale. This man falls in love with the singer’ spectrum attached to the piano and appearing every night to tell him her fascinating story and tragic diaspora.
The film brings up the eternal tragedy of the immigrants, refugees and persecuted minorities.