Ganadores Julio 2019

Ganadores Julio 2019




PARQUE OESTE by Fabiana Assis

PARQUE OESTE tells the story of Eronilde Silva, through the use of archive footage recorded by members of the Goiânia Independent Media Center and American journalist and activist Brad Will, who moved into the occupation of Parque Oeste Industrial together with the most of 3000 families living there, in the days leading up to the confrontation with the police to evacuate the area in February 2005. These footage allow the spectator to experience the violence committed by the State against those people.
In choosing to merge these archive footage with current images, which reveal the form found by Eronilde, whose husband was assassinated on the day of the confrontation, to continue his life despite everything, Parque Oeste reminds us that in times like those of now, in which Brazilians face what may be the most serious political moment since the dictatorship, pointing to a dark future, that resisting is a possible way to continue living.




PRIMAS by Laura Bari

PRIMAS is an evocative portrait of two cousins, Rocío and Aldana, Argentinian teenagers who, in the wake of heinous acts of violence that interrupted their childhoods, will free themselves from the shadows of their past.
Traveling in Argentina and Montreal the girls come of age having revelatory experiences in their everyday lives; learning dance, mime, theatre, circus and visual arts.
They express through their bodies what only their imagination, their unique perspective and their unshakable resilience can reveal.




DUNYA’S DAY by Raed Alsemari

Abandoned by her domestic help, Dunya fights to throw the perfect graduation soirée.




EL MANGUITO by Laurentia Genske

El Manguito is a small village in the inaccessible woodlands of Sierra Maestra in Cuba. Twelve people live there, cut off from the outside world, without electricity supply and drivable roads. Idael, the head of the familiy, his wife Nelcis, his children, friends and brothers. The film accompanies the family in their everyday life. It takes the audience to an unknown world and shows how deeply rooted the socialist system still is in Cuba. A teacher comes to El Manguito five days a week to teach Idaels youngest son. Even in a remote place like this, education is provided for. But many other things seem to be neglected.




BIG BOOM by Brian Watson

A lonely service robot looks for meaning and purpose in a seemingly empty world.




THE MIDNIGHT TRIP by Josh Brandao & Nicolai Kornum

On his way through the desert at night to an important business meeting a man’s car breaks down and he is forced to confront his own past and to reconsider his values.




TIERRA by Ale Alviar

Eight year old Luisa is forcefully displaced from her rural life accompanied by her mother and older sister. Danger haunts them, altering their efforts to cope with their new life, all in the exuberance and cultural beauty of a tropical city in Colombia where violence feels inevitable.