Agosto 2019

Selección mensual agosto 2019



No More Lights in the Sky by Danny Cotton

Raising Buchanan by Bruce Dellis

What Children Do by Dean Peterson

The Clockmaker by Mohammad Faisal

Sincerely, Brenda by Kenneth R. Nelson Jr.

Mass Hysteria by Jeff Ryan

Lover by Antonino Isordia Llamazares

Right Before Your Eyes by David Vincent Bobb



Light in the Water by Lis Bartlett

The Laps: Tasmania by Angie Davis

Better Together by Isaac Hernandez

Aka: Dr. Hope by Julian Biba

Funny You Never Knew by Andrew Hunt

And Then They Came for Us by Abby Ginzberg & Ken Schneider

Quiet Storm by Johnny Sweet

Living On The Edge – Deglamourizing Bollywood by Opender Chanana

Sing Love to Mother by Peter Hsui

Toni Morrison: The Pieces I Am by Timothy Greenfield-Sanders

Up Down & Sideways by Anushka Meenakshi & Iswar Srikumar

Factory of Lies by Jakob Gottschau

Eat Up by Fiona Turner

Crazywise by kevin Tomlinson & Phil Borges

Buddy Goes to Nollywood by Michael Lebor



X by Raquel Choy

Icarus by Nicolas Boucart

Dream for Happiness by Irina Velichkova

American Nightmare by Jesus Nebot

Late Again Ana by Anastasia Kochetkova

Damage by Matt Porter

83rd Street by Tancredi Di Paola

Marta by Lucía Forner

Amine by Noha Choukrallah

Gamers by Searit Huluf

Balloon by Vis Vitalis

Sun Shine by Walker Hare

The People Are The Brand by Adrian Perez

Bounce by David MacLean

The Loss by Machu Latorre

Circles by Jonathan Latona

Flyby by Jesse Mittelstadt

Asia A by Andrew Reid

Paftuar by Roland Uruci

The Red Rose by Julian Biba

The Long Wet Grass by Justin Davey

Monstruos by Alejandro Santaella Vera

The Assistant by Peter Calvin

Wanda by Benjamin Nicolas

Capture by Rickey Mizuno

The Keys by Amanda B. Goodman

Peggy by Justin O’Neal Miller

Ernie by Hadley Hillel

Lucy in the Sky by Bertha Bay-Sa Pan

Bunker Burger by Adam Yorke

Spinosaurus by Tessa Hoffe

Harbor by Paul Marques Duarte

Do No Harm by Sam Blakeney-Edwards

The Hoaxing by Bevin McNamara

Storm by Will Kindrick

Hunting Season by Shannon Kohli

Treacle by Rosie Westhoff

Under Cover Comic by Bobby Friedman

Whiteout by Lance Edmands

For Keeps by Vicky Wight

Bug Bite by Emily Ann Ann Hoffman

Caged by Mark Nugent

Shrinking Violet by Katie Stegeman

In Plain Sight by Paul Foster

Soul Bones by Andrew Huggins

Condoms & Cherries by Monisha Dadlani



Saving Green by Natasha Redmond

The Adventures of Zack and Molly by Jim Toomey

The astronaut’s journal by Marina Belikova

Resurge by Ying Ling Chen

Chin Up by Joanne Salmon

Green Sky by Akos Malindovszky

Song for a Wooden Heart by David Sigrist

Steps to Balance 1-5 by Molly Garrett

Let’s save Bobby by Dr. Vilas Padhye

North. A journey of WH von Dönersmarck by Frédéric Roussel

Billie by Maki Yoshikura

Final_Final by Matt Greenwood

Game Changer by Aviv Mano

Red Hands by Francesco Filippi



The Cup is Already Filling Up by Debora Elgeholm

The Last Harvest by Alexis Spradic

The Promise by Dina Rudick

A Right To Play by Alex Schiller

Fentanyl, A Street Battle in Town by Amir Payam

To Watch the Truth in the Eyes by Vesna Marich

RETURN: Native American Women Reclaim Foodways for Health and Spirit by Karen Cantor

Aotearoa – We Are All Made Of Stars by Paulo Ferreira

It’s Still Happening by Michèle Jedlicka

Stone Engravings And The Three-Colored Chickenpox Tale by Luciana Mazeto & Vinícius Lopes

Vida Alegre by Marta Pulk

Breaking The Cycle: A Peek Into Polygamy by Hayley Biddle

If These Walls Could Talk by Viktoria Haiboniuk

Born in Gambia by Natxo Leuza Fernandez

Fusions: The Art and Lives of British Born Chinese by Sherry Lu

Medea’s Walk by Mel Hsieh

Out of the Shadows by Adrienne von Wolffersdorff

Better Man by Chris Stanford

Looking for Mom by Peter Hsui

Flip the Switch by Dave Moutray

The Race by Dina Rudick

Youth Hunt Unleaded by Biography – Cherin Spencer-Bower, Craig Jourdonnais, Mike McTee, Mike Henning, Alan Ramsey, Philip Ramsey

Blind Adventure Camp by Rod Murphy



Desiccation by Jed Vinson

Light by Christopher Beauchamp

Mankind’s Superpower by Christopher Beauchamp

Second Unit: A Mockumentary by Ankush Khemani

Nyafumba! by Hayley Biddle

Mallory, Los Angeles by John Rizkallah

Calamity Falls by Hadley Hillel

Backwater by Brendan McCallion

Home Sweet Home by Maria Robertson & Harry Pearson

Nico or (Head of the Family) by Evan Secory



Pig Film by Josh Gibson

The dust doesn’t want to come out of Esqueleto by Daniel Santiso

to my slave-owning, slave-trading cuban ancestors. to the 300-year lot of you by Magda Fernandez

Transexpace: Galactic Revolt by Anna Maria Staiano

Sonolumin by Diana Reichenbach

Blue Reverie by Siting Yang



Forgive me by Cucho L. Capilla

El País de la Eterna Primavera by Boaz Dvir

There goes the neighborhood by Dan Evans

Trash by Suzanne Etheridge